Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Im Back!!

Hello Wonderful Fashion Addicts,
I apologize that I have not posted in some time, I have been extremely busy with real life issues. I plan to get things going again on my blog and to start posting some fun fashion centered posts. I really want to do a tour of my Jewelry Box and my closet, I think it would be fun!
I hope to get posting again and to get the blog spread, and get some more readers!!
Stay Fashionable!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fashion Trend of the Week- The Peplum

    A peplum is defined as; A short flared, gathered or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman's jacket, dress or blouse. The peplum is something that designers seem to be obsessed with this spring. Although I have always loved fashion, I can not say I have always dove head first into every trend. I decide if I like a trend based on how it fits me, I will not just wear something because it is trendy and "everyone else is doing it". I like to be unique and original and sometimes the trends are not "me" at all.
    At first I might say I have not worn a whole lot of the peplum, but it is a trend that you may be wearing and not really notice that you are. A lot of jackets have a little pleat and flare in them that is considered a peplum. In the past I usually would sport this trend in more of a business attire. Now I am seeing more and more adorable casual outfits that have the peplum style. Shockingly enough I am really liking this trend, although I was hesitant at first. I do believe it is really easy to make this trend look absolutely horrendous, so you have to be careful. There are ways to make sure you are not standing out in all the wrong ways.
Jason Wu peplum dress is just adorable. It stands out in all the right ways and makes you look fabulous. I suppose that is a given since it is Jason Wu.

This Jason Wu peplum look is more subtle and elegant.
The celebrities are rocking this gorgeous new peplum trend at prestige red carpet events. Left Tina Fay kept it simple with this Carolina Herrera gown and right is Michelle Williams wearing Louis Vuitton in this gorgeous tangerine peplum dress.
You can find this Peplum Candy Orange Dress at Lulus. It is simple but still gorgeous and can be accessorized to perfection with the right pieces.

Sleeveless Peplum Fitted Little Black Dress now $39.99 was $69. This sexy black dress can be found at Macy's at this fabulous price.

This Purple Ponte Peplum Dress $55 at DorothyPerkins.com is simple and stylish.
I adore this pretty, classy Gianni Bini Ginger Peplum Dress, which can be bought at Dillards for $118. I am all about a great deal but something about this dress is making me want to explore my frivolous side. Lets be completely honest, this dress is worth every penny and more. It has a delectable 1940's vogue style to it that I am in love with and maybe a little bit obsessed.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Marfa Peplum dress can be found at Bloomingdales for $598.
This jacket it perfect for someone who is not a fan of peplum dresses, skirts or tops. Everyone loves a jacket with a little trendy flair. This Houndstooth Peplum Jacket is found at yestyle.com for $99. Any gorgeous peplum jacket can be found with a smal pleat or a large pleat, with a little flare or a big flare. This makes it easier for any womans unique style to fit into the trend perfectly.

Hope you enjoy this new trend and share any amazing fashion finds with us. I want to put together a cute look with this new trend very soon. Enjoy your week everyone and keep checking back.
As Always, Stay Fashionable!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pops of Orange Color

    *Sigh* It was another exhausting morning getting ready and heading off to class. I am a college student and anyone who has been to college knows how much of a struggle it can be. You are either in class or doing homework for your classes, it feels like every second is spent doing school work. Suffering through the drudgery that is college, the only light at the end of the tunnel is being able to put together amazing outfits everyday. I try to utilize that passion for fashion and make school the perfect stage to share my outfits. Fashion is definitely my silver lining.
    Today I decided to feel trendy by wearing some pops of tangerine/orange color in my outfit. I really love the outfit I put together today, from head to toe. This look starts with a simple white dress by Max Studio that is cute and flirty. My clutch and matching shoes are both Charles by Charles David, in an adorable orange shade. The jewelry is not just your ordinary simple jewelry, it is by Betsey Johnson and it is fabulous. A mermaid necklace with fish and starfish earrings, making these items unique.
     Below are some photos of my outfit today and each item alone to give you a better view.

Just make sure to click on the photos to get a closer look. I wanted to post them smaller so that I could share a few views with you without making the post too long.

I actually used a tie from one of my dresses for the headband because it matched so fantastically with my accessories. I love thinking out of the box and coming up new ways to make my outfit even better. The second picture here is just me giving you a better look of my earrings.

Max Studio white dress, it has such a high quality soft cotton fabric. Max Studio is really amazing, their clothing is so high quality and really flattering.
Charles by Charles David heels are surprisingly comfortable.

Charles by Charles David clutch. This is one of my favorite clutches, and it goes perfectly with the heels (the photo makes it slightly pinker than it is). The right shows the inside of the clutch and the gorgeous velvety material.
Full length view of the mermaid necklace.

This Betsey Johnson mermaid necklace has a nautical fantasy feel to it and goes perfectly with this outfit. The touches of red go well with the clutch and purse and the greens and blues give it a great contrast.

These Betsey Johnson earrings are a fabulous touch. The little starfish match the startfish that is on the mermaid necklace as well.

I felt like a total star today in this fashionable outfit. I hope you have fun trying to create a look like this and make sure to share what you come up with! This outfit is easy for anyone to recreate and look completely fabulous. A pretty white dress paired with the right accessories and you have a winning ensemble.
I put together a similar look on polyvore for some more ideas on how to create this look for yourself!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Fashion Trend of the Week- Neon

     Neon is no longer just for signs and wild parties. It is also no longer left behind for dead in the 60's, the fashion world is resurrecting it! Neon is popping up everywhere and it is clearly being brought back in a fashionable way. Neon is no longer just a crazy wild color, it offers something unique and stylish to your outfit. Now making an outfit entirely neon will be more of a challenge, but it can be pulled off. I am obsessed with neon purses and clutches, and shoes of course. Accessories are my all-time favorite part of an outfit and I cannot wait to get my fashionable paws on a neon clutch (although I do already own some neon pieces I am not forunate enough to have the clutch yet).
     Now do not be afraid of this trend because you may not be the most daring fashionista. Neon obviously has now been considered a color because of the gaseous element being used in signs to get that magnificent bright glow. In the fashion world it just means gorgeous flashy colors. It also is not just the traditional yellow, but just about any color in the specific bright shade. Any fashionista can rock this look with ease as long as you find the right neons pieces for you!
    Below are some amazing designers that are helping inspire this neon craze. These looks show that neon can make you the center of attention or can even be done subtly for the more shy fashionista.
Jason Wu (Left), Nanette Lepore (Right)
Peter Som

Michael Kors ($3,995,000) Of course this piece is more of an inspiration for most of us, as around four thousand dollars for a dress is a bit out of most peoples price ranges. Neon can be found at more affordable prices of course.
I found this adorable little hoodie at Juicy Couture in neon yellow and pink! It is $96 and will add a splash of neon color to your wardrobe. They also have terry cloth pants in neon as well.
Neon Banded Skirt in Yellow from AKIRA, find it online at shopakira.com. This is a stylish and simple way to add the trend to your look. It is a sexy little skirt and will be easy to accessorize. Here is something exciting as well this skirt is only $39.90.
This skirt from windsorstore.com covers more than one hot trend right now! It is both neon and color blocking, how perfect is that? And for $18.90 this skirt is a fantastic fashion find.

ASOS Perspex Clutch for $62.67 can be found at asos.com. It is the perfect little clutch for an outfit that needs to be updated with this trend. It makes for a simple neon addition for the girl who maybe does not want to wear neon clothing but would love some neon accessories. I know I want every neon piece I can get my hands on, certainly this one. (Also check out ASOS for more neon pieces like dresses and more. Just type "Neon" into the search  bar and be careful not to get TOO excited when the search finishes loading *excited giggles*).

Steve Madden Neon Crossbody Bag ($78-$98) can be found at nordstrom.com. I am in deep love with all of these neon bags. They come in two sizes and many amazing bright neon colors! If I could pick one item (that I can afford) in neon that I want more than anything it would be one, maybe two, of these incredible bags!
Marc by Marc Jacobs bright neon yellow bag. Another gorgeous neon piece that I am in love with, although it being Marc Jacobs makes it slightly less attainable, but not completely impossible.
Brian Atwood Heels in multi neon colors, are art in shoe form. I love the combination of four neon shades, fuchsia, orange, green and yellow. Can you say fashion fabulous?

These guess pump-Hondola Neon Platforms for $92 are a steal in my book. I can just picture them adding some bright color to any outfit, or even a simple black dress.
 Michael Kors Pink Neon belt for $42. Pair this with the perfect little dress and you have a simple pop of neon color, especially if you are nervous to wear too much neon. (You can find a similar belt for ten dollar at ASOS).

 Whether it is a full body neon dress or a simple neon belt, this is one sexy fashion trend that anyone can attain. I am ready to start purchasing as much neon as possible...okay I will take it slow...well I will try...I am not promising anything. Have fun this season with this sassy trend, and make sure to share some of your favorite neon pieces with us! Something to say for this season is that the trends are certainly made to make you the center of attention.

Stay Fashionable, my loves!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Zebra Jacket Look- Feminine Rocker Chic

     Everyone who shops knows how wonderful it feels to spot that item that will make any outfit utterly chic. You see it and it is like there is a magnetic pull, dragging you in the direction of that glorious item. If anyone gets there before you they will regret their decision to come out shopping. That piece of clothing was YOURS before it even hit the rack…yes I am a bit obsessed with fashion.
     Yesterday I went on a fashion hunt with my mother and it was glorious fun. I scored…A LOT. One of my favorite pieces is this super stylish Zebra Print Jacket by Sandro Studio. I have a habit of trying on multiple sizes to see which fits just right, so I brought a small and a medium into the changing room. I advise trying on multiple sizes because you never know which looks better until you see every possible way it could fit you. First I tried the medium and it looked fantastic, then I tried on the small and there was no comparison! The small hugged me so perfectly that it gave the jacket a whole new look! So my tip is to try on more than one possible size, no matter how great the first one you try on looks.
     I decided after I got home to put together a look to post for you guys, this is just one possible look for this jacket. I paired it with a Harley Davidson tank top which gives it a rocker feel. Then decided it needed to be softened so I chose a white eyelet lace skirt by The Limited. The skirt added a girly elegance to the outfit, which it was certainly in need of. I used a black panther clutch by Tasha, which has a chain that can be used for the strap or tucked away easily for a simple clutch. Below I am posting a few pictures to show you how the outfit looked put together and then each piece separately so you get a better view.
Sorry about the lighting and the size, they are larger but apparently blogger wanted it smaller haha
These photos have a bit better lighting than the previous ones. I think I may look a bit angy here but I was just tired lol
I love the pattern of the jacket and the way it fits, especially when buttoned!!

The items in this look:
Here is a close up of the back so you can get a look at the pleating, so high quality and for such a great price at TJMaxx!! Jacket by Sandro Studio.
Close up of the eyelet lace on the white skirt from The Limited. It has pretty little white daisies on it.
Harley Davidson tank top with a large eagle on the front and crystals as well. It is laced up the back almost like a corset but only half way down. Harley Davidson is not just for biker chicks, it can add something super sexy to any outfit.

The black clutch by Tasha with a fierce panther clasp, the panther is what you use to open it, you unclasp him as you can see in the first photo. You can easily remove the chain for a simple small clutch.
Gorgeous Steve Madden heels that I love with this jacket. They have the zebra print to match and a sexy pop of bright pink color.

The jewelry- Betsey Johnson Earrings to add some more color to the black and white look. Juicy Couture necklace is simple but makes a big difference as opposed to a bare neck.

Hope you enjoyed my first post with my own clothing! I adore this look and love my new jacket. Although there are other ways to rock a jacket like this just make sure to add some contrast, if you go all the way rocker add something girly and feminine in there so that it is not too heavy. I also had another look I was going to try, a simple sexy little black dress would look fabulous with this jacket, I may post that sometime if you like! Let me know what you think of this look and my new jacket! Remember my email is posted in the blog along with other ways to contact me. Do not forget to click the "Follow" button!
As always
Stay Fashionable my loves!!!

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