Monday, March 19, 2012

Fashion Trend of the Week- Neon

     Neon is no longer just for signs and wild parties. It is also no longer left behind for dead in the 60's, the fashion world is resurrecting it! Neon is popping up everywhere and it is clearly being brought back in a fashionable way. Neon is no longer just a crazy wild color, it offers something unique and stylish to your outfit. Now making an outfit entirely neon will be more of a challenge, but it can be pulled off. I am obsessed with neon purses and clutches, and shoes of course. Accessories are my all-time favorite part of an outfit and I cannot wait to get my fashionable paws on a neon clutch (although I do already own some neon pieces I am not forunate enough to have the clutch yet).
     Now do not be afraid of this trend because you may not be the most daring fashionista. Neon obviously has now been considered a color because of the gaseous element being used in signs to get that magnificent bright glow. In the fashion world it just means gorgeous flashy colors. It also is not just the traditional yellow, but just about any color in the specific bright shade. Any fashionista can rock this look with ease as long as you find the right neons pieces for you!
    Below are some amazing designers that are helping inspire this neon craze. These looks show that neon can make you the center of attention or can even be done subtly for the more shy fashionista.
Jason Wu (Left), Nanette Lepore (Right)
Peter Som

Michael Kors ($3,995,000) Of course this piece is more of an inspiration for most of us, as around four thousand dollars for a dress is a bit out of most peoples price ranges. Neon can be found at more affordable prices of course.
I found this adorable little hoodie at Juicy Couture in neon yellow and pink! It is $96 and will add a splash of neon color to your wardrobe. They also have terry cloth pants in neon as well.
Neon Banded Skirt in Yellow from AKIRA, find it online at This is a stylish and simple way to add the trend to your look. It is a sexy little skirt and will be easy to accessorize. Here is something exciting as well this skirt is only $39.90.
This skirt from covers more than one hot trend right now! It is both neon and color blocking, how perfect is that? And for $18.90 this skirt is a fantastic fashion find.

ASOS Perspex Clutch for $62.67 can be found at It is the perfect little clutch for an outfit that needs to be updated with this trend. It makes for a simple neon addition for the girl who maybe does not want to wear neon clothing but would love some neon accessories. I know I want every neon piece I can get my hands on, certainly this one. (Also check out ASOS for more neon pieces like dresses and more. Just type "Neon" into the search  bar and be careful not to get TOO excited when the search finishes loading *excited giggles*).

Steve Madden Neon Crossbody Bag ($78-$98) can be found at I am in deep love with all of these neon bags. They come in two sizes and many amazing bright neon colors! If I could pick one item (that I can afford) in neon that I want more than anything it would be one, maybe two, of these incredible bags!
Marc by Marc Jacobs bright neon yellow bag. Another gorgeous neon piece that I am in love with, although it being Marc Jacobs makes it slightly less attainable, but not completely impossible.
Brian Atwood Heels in multi neon colors, are art in shoe form. I love the combination of four neon shades, fuchsia, orange, green and yellow. Can you say fashion fabulous?

These guess pump-Hondola Neon Platforms for $92 are a steal in my book. I can just picture them adding some bright color to any outfit, or even a simple black dress.
 Michael Kors Pink Neon belt for $42. Pair this with the perfect little dress and you have a simple pop of neon color, especially if you are nervous to wear too much neon. (You can find a similar belt for ten dollar at ASOS).

 Whether it is a full body neon dress or a simple neon belt, this is one sexy fashion trend that anyone can attain. I am ready to start purchasing as much neon as possible...okay I will take it slow...well I will try...I am not promising anything. Have fun this season with this sassy trend, and make sure to share some of your favorite neon pieces with us! Something to say for this season is that the trends are certainly made to make you the center of attention.

Stay Fashionable, my loves!

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