Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pops of Orange Color

    *Sigh* It was another exhausting morning getting ready and heading off to class. I am a college student and anyone who has been to college knows how much of a struggle it can be. You are either in class or doing homework for your classes, it feels like every second is spent doing school work. Suffering through the drudgery that is college, the only light at the end of the tunnel is being able to put together amazing outfits everyday. I try to utilize that passion for fashion and make school the perfect stage to share my outfits. Fashion is definitely my silver lining.
    Today I decided to feel trendy by wearing some pops of tangerine/orange color in my outfit. I really love the outfit I put together today, from head to toe. This look starts with a simple white dress by Max Studio that is cute and flirty. My clutch and matching shoes are both Charles by Charles David, in an adorable orange shade. The jewelry is not just your ordinary simple jewelry, it is by Betsey Johnson and it is fabulous. A mermaid necklace with fish and starfish earrings, making these items unique.
     Below are some photos of my outfit today and each item alone to give you a better view.

Just make sure to click on the photos to get a closer look. I wanted to post them smaller so that I could share a few views with you without making the post too long.

I actually used a tie from one of my dresses for the headband because it matched so fantastically with my accessories. I love thinking out of the box and coming up new ways to make my outfit even better. The second picture here is just me giving you a better look of my earrings.

Max Studio white dress, it has such a high quality soft cotton fabric. Max Studio is really amazing, their clothing is so high quality and really flattering.
Charles by Charles David heels are surprisingly comfortable.

Charles by Charles David clutch. This is one of my favorite clutches, and it goes perfectly with the heels (the photo makes it slightly pinker than it is). The right shows the inside of the clutch and the gorgeous velvety material.
Full length view of the mermaid necklace.

This Betsey Johnson mermaid necklace has a nautical fantasy feel to it and goes perfectly with this outfit. The touches of red go well with the clutch and purse and the greens and blues give it a great contrast.

These Betsey Johnson earrings are a fabulous touch. The little starfish match the startfish that is on the mermaid necklace as well.

I felt like a total star today in this fashionable outfit. I hope you have fun trying to create a look like this and make sure to share what you come up with! This outfit is easy for anyone to recreate and look completely fabulous. A pretty white dress paired with the right accessories and you have a winning ensemble.
I put together a similar look on polyvore for some more ideas on how to create this look for yourself!

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