Saturday, March 10, 2012

Double Headed Animal Bracelets

Double Headed Animal Bracelets
I have been seeing this trend all over lately, even though it has been around for a while. It seems to be getting more and more common and I am thrilled! Personally I am a fan of any kind of animal jewelry, which you would see if you took a peek inside my jewelry box (which I may just show you soon). These double headed animal bracelets are even more fabulous to me, and I want them all!! Something I love about these bracelets is that anyone can afford them! They range from $10 to $160,000 (no I am not joking). Of course they range anywhere in between these prices so just about anyone can find one they adore!
I will post from least to most expensive for the most part, some I do not know the prices of exactly

Forever 21
Ganesha Hinge Bracelet $9.80 and Spotted Feline Bracelet $10.80, respectively.

Betsey Johnson
Kissing Fish Hinge Bangle Bracelet $65 now on sale for $45.50 (subject to change).
Juicy Couture
Hummingbird Bracelet $98

Kenneth Jay Lane
Black and Tan Tiger Head Bracelet for $113 and Giraffe Bracelet for $115.

Elizabeth Cole
Kissing Koi Bracelet $238.
Tiger Bracelet it is around $160,000 for this bracelet probably more because that was for the single headed tiger bracelet. It is diamonds and onyx and even emeralds for the beautiful eyes.
Vintage Chanel- I could not find the price on this because it is clearly not for sale anywhere accept places that are very hard to trust, but I thought I would share.
Roberto Cavalli- Again another one I could not find a good price on.
Of course there are many more of these stunning bracelets, just take a look and find the one that is perfect for you. I have many animal bracelets but so far none of these double headed bangles. I may just try and persuade my boyfriend to buy me the Betsey Johnson Kissing Fish bracelet, something about that one is stunning and such a great deal right now! The Juicy Couture Hummingbird is also not a bad price and draws such attention to it.
Do you happen to own a double headed animal bracelet? If so share your photos and let us know how you feel about it. Even if you happen to find some at a great deal that you would like to share, also if you want the link to some of these bracelets just let me know.

Stay Fashionable my loves!

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