Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tiger SpiritHood


Fierce » Powerful » Protective
The Tiger is considered to be the king of all beasts and has an extremely powerful energy. Those with the Tiger spirit often have a will power and passion for life that is unrivaled. People with the Tiger spirit tend to be confident, loving and wise.

Sorry I was wrong about my descriptive words, it was not brave it was protective as the third word.
 I felt like sharing this adorable new trend with you guys. SpiritHoods are pretty new to the fashion world, many celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Pink, Vanessa Hudgens and a few others have been spotted wearing these furry hats. They are located in Los Angeles so the craze is starting in California with the celebs. There is someting so unique and fabulous about these hats that I just adore. Of course not everyone is wearing them right now but to me that is part of the appeal. So are you brave enough to take a walk on the wild side? Or would you prefer to keep your spirit animal hidden? Let me know!?

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