Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fashion Trend of the Week- Graphic Florals

 This is my first "Fashion Trend of the Week" post. I am going to be posting trends that are 'hot' right now and giving you my input on the trend. Whether I hate it, love it, or am somewhere in between, I am basically going to be giving you my thoughts. I would also love your thoughts if you post in the comments and let me know what you think about the trend, be honest!

 The trend this week is Graphic Florals! This trend was all over the runways during fashion week, spotted on some of the hottest designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Diane Von Furstenberg. In my opinion this trend gets two thumbs up. It is fabulous and so easy to find anywhere. You probably can find something in your closet from a couple of years ago and dress it up to make it fabulous! It is not just dresses, but also pants, shorts and even jackets. Definitely a great trend that I am all for and I personally will be sporting it this season! What about you?

Here is my graphic floral dress from Hollister.

Here are a few grahic floral pieces seen on the runway from fabulous designers Dolce & Gabbana,  Peter Pilotto, Altuzarra, Diane Von Furstenberg- Spring 2012.

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