Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Rock St. Patricks Day Like A Fashionista!

It seems like the Holidays are the time where you find the most horendous fashion DON'TS! I am going to show you the best ways to do a St. Patricks day styled look without looking like a tacky little leprachaun. There are different looks for St. Patricks day because there are different events that people like to go to. We know there are the parades and there are the parties, and you need to be fashionable for both of course!
The biggest struggle is the color of St. Patricks day, green! Now this color can be fabulous if done right, but it is truly easy for it to go all wrong, especially on this holiday. Here are some ways you can use the color without looking tacky.
Try something like this simple sexy sweater in a gorgeous green shade! The color still has that St. Patties day flair without being too loud in an embarassing way. Pair with some cream pants like this or even a pair of your favorite jeans! This item can be found at Juicy Couture online.
I absolutely adore this sexy green pencil skirt for St. Patricks day. It has that traditional shade of green without losing a sense of femininity. It is perfect for a day watching the parade, or even a classy work look. I would go for a simple white tank top tucked underneath the skirt. Add some colorful bangles and some strappy heels and you are ready for the parade. Find this skirt at Juicy Couture Onlie.
Another idea is to try different shades of green, or even similar colors like Jade. This is a simple but sexy dress in jade. It is not quite the traditional bright green for St. Patties day but still gives the feel that you are celebrating the holiday and ready to join in the fun. Find it at Betsey Johnson Online.
A great idea for a party night on St. Patricks day is to avoid the green color in your dress but place it in your accessories. This sexy black dress stands out and has the club look you might just be going for. The best way to add that St. Patricks day spirit to your sexy club look is by adding the right shade of shamrock green nail polish! O.P.I is my favorite nail polish brand and this shade is called "Green-Wich Village". Add some sexy accessories and maybe even a cute green hair thing and you are sure to be the sexiest one at the holiday party. This dress is from

Hope you enjoyed these simple tips for St. Patricks day and enjoy looking fabulous! If you want to share your St. Patricks day fashionista looks please feel free to show us some pictures!
Stay Fashionable, my loves!

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