Thursday, March 15, 2012

The "Gasp" Moment

       Any fashion addict knows what the “gasp” is, that moment when you see something so striking and so beautiful that it makes you catch your breathe. Your heart leaps in your chest and your eyes open a little wider, almost as if you are trying to get a better view. Suddenly there is nothing quite as desirable as that item. There is nothing like that love and admiration for fashion that some of us have.
      I recently experienced that iconic “gasp” moment at Louis Vuitton’s online site. I must commend them for the interactive experience you get when looking at their new line of handbags. First click on their collections section (women) and click on handbags, you must click the “Begin the Experience” button to get the full effect.  You first see a woman with a very pretty white handbag and she stuffs a matching wallet inside. She then stomps down a long outside hallway as if it was a runway, and finally makes it to a water fountain. She places the white bag on the top of the water gently near the edge and suddenly colorful bags begin appearing in a circle around the fountain.  Then unexpectedly in front of the screen are these gorgeous brightly colored handbags with color names like, Fuchsia, Carmine, Indigo, Cyan, Figue,  Menthe and many more. These bags certainly give you that “gasp” moment and are presented in the most magnificently glowing colors. Also if you click on any of the bags you get to see the same woman carry that specific color down the same hallway and it gives you a view of the bag and matching wallet. Check them out at I must say I have never seen a bag like the ones designed by Louis Vuitton, if it is their iconic collection, or their brand new bags, they are legendary.
Colors seen here are Fuchsia, Carmine and Indigo (from left to right).

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